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Green detox

Green detox / 27.8 kcal

Ingredients: cucumber, apple, celery, spinach, lime, romaine, parsley.

Green Detox cleanses the body with the antioxidants it contains. Amongst the components:

  • cucumber - cleanses the blood, refreshes;
  • apple - rejuvenates the body, activates digestive processes;
  • celery - detoxifies, tones up;
  • spinach - a source of vitamins and minerals, saturates the body with iodine;
  • lime - beneficial effect on blood circulation;
  • romaine - a source of iron and calcium;
  • parsley - vitamin C and carotene.

A balanced combination of natural green juice components will give you cleansing from toxins and mineral balance normalization.

Food and energy value per 100 ml:

proteins: fats: carbohydrates: kcal
1 g 0.3 g 5.2 g 27.8

Price: 150 Kč