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Energy mix

Energy mix / 37.2 kcal

Ingredients: orange, arugula.

Detox-juice Energy Mix - a convenient and affordable way to get the micro-elements necessary for the proper function of the digestive tract, it includes the most effective combinations of products:

  • orange - an ideal assistant in strengthening the immune system and combating viral infections; beneficial influence on gastrointestinal tract work;
  • arugula - neutralizes the action of carcinogens, improves liver function.

Energy Mix normalizes the activity of the pancreas and kidneys, contributes to the loss of excess weight, and restores the protective functions of the body.

Food and energy value per 100 ml:

proteins: fats: carbohydrates: kcal
0.8 g 0.2 g 8.3 g 37.2

Price: 150 Kč